Horror of first movie!

Hi Friends!

You all might have thought  when you read my previous letter  to school friends “ Let’s recreate memories” that how me & my friends were so obsessed  for fresh handful of ber & tamarind.  And how we would go to any part of the city  to explore new mountains, farms  & gardens .

Our craziness was not limited  to outside of the school but in class also we were crazy 9.  Yes, only 9 girls in a class of  50 boys.

In school we were famous as “NAVRATNA”(9 gems,  Name given to 9 great men in king Akbar’s court , who acted as his advisors).

We never sat idle, we were always up to learning new things from each other.  Making jewellery from pearls, woolen crafts, giving puzzle to each other, solving crosswords & so many  creative things we did under the table in free time or boring  class hours . I still remember our two friends would go all the way down to train station to bring special  news paper  only for crosswords.

After 10th exam just to meet to each other, we had joined  painting class . After class of 1hr going to temple (to pray for good marks) & chatting there for 2-3 hrs had become our favourite  routine.  Sharing with you,  my experience of first movie with  friends .

We saw  fight of people jumping from carriage, running towards battle field , screaming & pushing everyone. All this fight was not for money, not for position but for movie ticket. People  were coming  from all direction in truck, auto & bullock carts. Me & my friends were shocked to see all this & in mind  praying  for safety of our 2 friends who went inside for tickets.

After 10mins both came out with a big smile on face but exhausted. We got tickets of our first movie together, I guess we were in 9th grade & parents had agreed to give us money.  So without any further delay we decided to go for Dharmendra’s famous movie as there was no other good movies in city. Can’t recall its name but I must say he has huge huge fan following.

3 beautiful ladies came out from auto, It was hard to miss them as  all wearing nice sarees, jewellery , dozens of bangles & gajara(flower garland).  Just like newly married brides. I always wonder why ladies do all these makeup for movie as if they are going to marriage ceremony.

Bell rang, previous show finished, entry to theater was more dramatic, everyone was rushing to door,  we couldn’t breath ,talk & hear but holding each other’s hand tightly. Pulling one by one from big crowd just like stretching elastic from closed loop. Finally we all 9girls entered but inside scene was more horrifying.  In dark light we saw people pouring from all gates, many were fighting for seats, pulling each other hair & standing on chairs.

We asked ticket checker about row number , he said “no seat numbers, sit anywhere or on the floor”. We  saw descent group of family standing in one corner, we stood there & asked 1 auntie  “can we sit with her?” she said “We already watched show but these people are not letting us go outside”. That horror & her answer baffled us more.  My 2-3 friends were about to cry so we all decided to exit. We followed same strategy of making a  long chain & pulling each other from the gate.

When we came out took a long deep breath but horror was not yet finished. We saw same 3 ladies turned into witches, with shocked bushy mass of hair, flowing eyeliner on the cheeks, tangled jewellery  & torn Saree. One lady was beating one man who was trying to steal her jewellery, other two were removing white flowers from messed up hair.

One person was weaving something black in his hands, was it snake??…he came towards 2 ladies & gave it to them. Ohh! it was plaited hair extension(braided wig). That lady instead of thanking him started thrashing him with hair extension. 3 ladies were pouring out all their frustration & anger on that 2 poor men. We were having tickets  but the way they were thrashing 2 men, had no courage to ask them.

We took cycles , drove as fast as to our friend’s  house. Didn’t talk for 10-15mins ,drank 2-3 glasses of water & then we couldn’t control but burst out laughing .  We laughed, laughed  till we fell down on the ground. Sense of independence, popcorn, samosa & fun whatever we had imagined from our first movie together  turned into wastage of money, horror, breathless, chaotic flop show.

Everyone  was thinking not  to watch this movie but saying this would have spoiled other’s mood. So nobody said nothing. That’s sweetness of friendship, we don’t like few things but only for friends we do all sacrifices.

If you are doing something what other person likes, this is Love

If you are doing something which you don’t like ,this is Friendship

Friendship is like elastic , it never breaks

The more you stretch, the more it becomes  delicate to handle

If you don’t use it, bonding will be there but without any comfort

Stretch a little with care, you will have strong support of lifetime

We friends had memorable first experience of horror without watching movie. I’m sure everyone has experienced like this  situations in life.  Please share & would love to hear from you.

Via Daily Prompt: Elastic

Image source: shutterstock, dreamstime & bigstock

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  1. That was such nice article and my teeths are still exposed while i write. Loved the part especially where u all tried to search a seat with the ladies who were trying to exit. So Mr. Dharmendra really made the people to go mad with ‘ek ek kho chun chunkar bhaga unga, chun chun kar’ :-). Seriously horror. I too remember one telugu movie during our school days – Andhra state mega hero chiranjeevi movie named apathbhandavudu (meenakshi sheshadri was the herione), we faced the same situation of huge crowd rush owing to over sold tickets. I can relate to ur plight. Thanks for giving a hearty laugh. I am sure ur 9 friends would have the same laugh if they read these posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ravi for such a wonderful reply. Your message brought a big smile on my face. That line was perfect for that day situation. So happy you had fun reading this & could relate this post to your experience.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oops…I clicked reply…yes dear I told them about our movie experience , first they were worried & then started laughing out loud😉


  2. Hi Bhavna …movie name was kundan… Horrible experience… Could not forget… After wards we went to Rasvanti n had canesugar juce… 10mins did nt talk to each other….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Bhavana for writing this, our special memory.. I remembered it as is, whose hand I was holding. The joy when we heard our friends are successful in getting tickets. Our comments on those three ladies when they arrived. And Exist from the theater 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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