Let’s recreate memories

Dear school friends…….

Do you remember,  that old lady who used to sell candies, salted tamarind & salted ber(/Green/red/brown  tangy & sour  tiny fruits  )in front of our school gate.   When today morning I gave canteen money to my daughter, I thought of her. That old lady & her dusty rug on which she stocked up all things separately,  below that rug she secured her  precious coins, earthen pot in which she kept salted ber,  piles of small papers for distributing & broken umbrella which she was holding in her wrinkled hand.
In our school she was the only canteen for us. In lunch break, in a such a big crowd , buying something from her was like winning  big hurdle race😂.  With only   25 paisa -2Rs  we could get so many things from her like Ber ,Borkut candy(stick coated with powder of ber)small packets of salted tamarind paste & fryums. That too we always shared with each other.

In school days we never cared about 🤗 which water that lady was using? ,  were that berries washed or not?  We never carried water bottle to school , directly drinking  water from school tap. Sharing lunch box with all other girls & eating street food was very much common.

Every Saturday was filled with adventure. We girls had decided that on each Saturday we would go to friends house &  explore nearby farms, fields & mountains. We had so much fun while walking side by side, cycling(single/double seat) on that bumpy road,  crossing that rail track with cycles  &  climbing mountains with holding hands in hands.
So many times we barged into farms & parks.  All this just  for
handful of fresh ber , tamarind & sugarcane.  Plucking colourful flowers  & making rangolis with it, swinging to parambya (aerial roots) of wadache zad (banyan tree) &   stories of ghosts in that secluded farm was always thrilling experience.  In the dark shades of trees, when we were fully tired, playing antakshari(Game of songs mostly played in India)was so cheerful .

My Friends …

Even with bruised knees, bleeding toes, & broken chappals (shoes) we always had  lucky escape from owner/watchman. How could I forget, one day we had entered one private area which  was famous for picnic spot & lush green trees.  When we were about to leave watchman saw us,  we ran as fast as we could  towards main gate. We climbed one by one helping each other but one of my friend was stuck there finally she managed to climb  that gate, when she was getting down, door opened suddenly.   Ohh!….. Door was opened!🤣🤣  We had laughed so  hard on our stupidity,  that our stomach was  hurting , joyful tears rolling down from eyes,   that we couldn’t pick up our bags, couldn’t open that cycle locks, so finally we picked up locked cycles in one hand,  kept our bags on carriage  & ran . We saw fatty  tired watchman blabbering  about us.   We were like toggling  wheel, running ,   laughing more & more on every step ,  balancing cycle & bags   & tightly  holding that little  things that had stolen from the park.

Hey Friends…

That wired fencing, thorny bushes &  spiny stems couldn’t stop us from coming there again & again .

Distances & weather was never an excuse for meeting each other.

Doing nothing was the best time we had spent together.

Now after so many years of 15-20yrs , Why are we so apart?

What are those things which  are holding us back?

Let’s get connected again, not through mobile or internet 

But meet someplace where  we are not abide by any rules,

Could play all games hidden in time,

Let’s talk till our heart speaks out, sing & dance on tunes of Nature

Let’s be mischievous,steal those tiny treasures one more time            

 Run as fast as,  laugh as loud as you can

Let’ meet  & RECREATE that lifelong memories again

Daily prompt: Recreate

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©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas,  All Rights Reserved.


    1. Hi MVS, praise coming from you always made my day. I’m not an expert in writing , sometimes it takes 1-2 days to finish post. But support & appreciation from you & other fellow bloggers encourages me to write more. Thanks a lot for being so sweet.

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  1. Thanks a lot Bhavana for writing our special memories on your page. My daughter liked it too. I have shared all these school time memories with my daughter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my pleasure dear…Thanks to you too Sonu for taking time out to read my posts. Yes school memories are very special & close to our hearts. We were like free spirits,💃💕wandering without any restrictions.


  2. No one sold anything so close to my schools in Iowa, but when I was teaching in China I bought all sorts of street food from stalls there for the college students, especially “tea eggs,” hard boiled in a mixture of green tea and soy sauce.


  3. I vividly remember buying Chole kulche from a hawker after our school bell rang. He postioned hi push cart right in front of our school buses, probably he never went to B school but he knew where to position his push Cart to entice maximum number of children. We all started salivating when he mixed chilli, garlic, garam masala and other condiments in chole and the aroma of freshly prepared Chole was too hard to resist. I pleaded with my father every morning to give me 2 rupees so that I can buy those tempting and delicious chole kulche. What days. Thanks for bringing back those memories.
    Please follow my blog if you want to read my posts.

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    1. Chole kulche so mouth watering !😋 The way you expressed even I’m craving for it now , so irresistible. Thanks Siddhartha for sharing such a lovely memory with us. I checked your blog already & liked it too , You write very interesting & thoughtful post. But I couldn’t find any comment box.

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  4. Nostalgia!!!! School days ki yaad aa gayi…it was same for me!
    ‘With only   25 paisa -2Rs  we could get so many things ‘… isn’t it!!! And now it looks like a dream only!! Beautiful post!!

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  5. …and we were happy with the pennies we got.
    buying pickled bor was the best.
    Still have that childhood love for it and make my own.
    If only our children could be that carefree and “safe” as we were.

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    1. Welcome Kavita to my blog. Totally agree with you that few coins were precious treasures for us. We cherished thoes childhood memories. Yes dear world has changed a lot.


  6. You brought back a lot of memories Bhavana with this post of yours. Yes we did not care whether the guavas or raw mangoes were cleaned, the water in which the groundnuts were boiled.
    I nominated you for the Lovely Blog award. Congratulations!!!

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    1. Yes Smitha, so agree with you. That time we were like carefree & healthy souls, never worried about these small small things.😄 Thanks dear for being so kind & nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award. I’m honored. Sure I’ll check it out.

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