Peeking Into My Twins’ World!!

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are doing good?   My cute little monsters 👫 are growing up & so as their unique & special bond. They have a way of communicating with one another. There are never-ending fights but still they want to do everything together & hate being separated. 🤧

They are very close yet totally different. Boy is very easy going, naughty, always excited & caring. He likes different types of food. My girl is shy,  quite, smart, little adamant & fuzzy eater.   I have to keep close eye on them all the time as both are always upto some kind of mischief, they are partners- in-crime. 😅😅 I love to capture all these  moments . Don’t worry I’m not sharing pics of messy rooms,  & scribbled walls. Sharing only few pics of them here in response to Weekly Photo Challenge “Peek”

Peeking Into My Twins’ World….



Aaru- Why are we posing like this?

Reyu- When mom got 100 followers, she posted similar pic  in Mind-loggers post. If we do it we might get 1000 followers 😍😍.


Reyu- Why people are going to waterfall?🤔🤔 Is there any better view from that side?

Aaru- Look front, I guess they wanted to take our picture.😎😎


Aaru–Why  are you walking so fast & walkway is here😞

Reyu– Run!..look at those bent trees ,  they are falling down😟😟


Aaru–So scenic!..lush green mountains, flowing clouds & cold drizzle 

Reyu–Yes, it is, but is there any hotel up? I’m too hungry now😓



Reyu– Sis, you please don’t tell mom that I ate all ladoos & nothing left for you.

Aaru–It’s Ok, I am on diet, don’t like sweets anyways.


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