Beauty In Thorns

What you see in that image? bright colored flowers or a spiky cactus?

I’m not usually a big fan of prickly green plants & I never thought it would be that attractive until I saw those cacti flowers. Blooming flowers on sharp thorns were standing out from all other normal plants in the nursery.

Amazed by unique shapes, colors & texture, I spent so much time in checking various types of cacti which I never did it before.

Then I realized, most of the time we even refuse to see someone thoroughly, we just jump to conclusions on what sort of a person she/he is. Most of the times we prioritize the cons over pros and don’t even put in effort to at least consider the other person’s good things.

This is what a cactus reminds me of. but nevertheless the flower is a smoothing element. It blemishes the thorns and dullness of an ordinary cactus. It really brings out the more softer, like-able and beautiful side of something so….odd looking.

Goodness is everywhere, Beauty is everywhere we really have to look, if you can’t see now doesn’t mean , it doesn’t exist.

What you say about others is reflection of you , your experiences. Don’t wait for the cactus to bloom , don’t wait for good things to happen .

See Good,

Do Better


The Best will follow…

©2020 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


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