About me

Welcome to Colourfulcanvas­čĺÉ

Colours are the smiles of nature! 

Hi My name is Bhavana. And this is my first ever blog…..So I would like to introduce myself first…I am Indian but staying in beautiful small island  Bahrain since last 10years, homemaker, mother of 3 kids – 1 very creative girl and twins( naughty boy n pretty girl), foodie n love traveling ….

I enjoy cooking and trying out new things…. …Are you wondering why I kept the name of the blog     “Colourful canvas“…..I am in love with colours of life …..vibrant colours of nature, sweetness of relationships, warmth of friendship, freshness of fruits, vegetables and so many……..In this blog I would like to share

-Raising twins
-Recipies of healthy foods as different  soups,salads,juices etc
-DIYs from creative daughter

So I invite you to join me on this colourful journey… and like all journeys this one begins with …well…just taking the first step!
I would like to share the colors with all of you and I hope you know a bit of my family and my blog.. ..see you next time….be sure to check out my next blog.