About me

Colours are the smiles of nature!!

With a big smile I welcome you to my blog Colourfulcanvas💐

Mostly a LifeStyle Blog, I focus on the most enjoyable aspects of life- Family, friendships, nature, travel and occasionally write about my daily life incidents.

So..who am I? My name is Bhavana, I’m a proud mother of three kids. My teenage daughter —Antara, who loves all sorts of DIYs and adores art. Her paintings are always inspiration to me in writing & you will see her creations throughout this blog. And my 5years old twin kiddos, Aaru and Reyu(YouTube stars). Many posts of this blogs circle around parenting tricks, funny childhood stories , healthy habbits, and kids art-crafts ideas.

I currently live in the Middle East, and also travel a lot. Again, I often write about my various travel experiences. Now the question arises, what does the name itself- “colorful canvas mean”?? I’m often intrigued by the experiences one faces in life. The ups and downs of life are something that I compare to the shades of colors, be it dark or light..cool or warm. Life is colourful, full of stories one can pen down. That’s why I made this blog!!

It’s not everyday that you appreciate the opportunity we have to live. So I invite you to join me on this colourful journey and like all journeys this one begins with …well…just taking the first step! Subscribe for regular updates through mail. Feel free to like & comment.

Thanks & Regards