Window to my heart

Hi Friends!

Today’s post is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge “Window“.  When I was going through albums , I found so many pics taken through window.  So thought of posting few pics, hope you guys like it.

Window to my heart

From first ray of sunshine to midnight star
You gave me thousand reasons to smile

Standing by you, I could see
concrete walls of growth touching to the sky,
miracles of light & colour painted each & every wall

You have given wings to my wandering thoughts
You bring energy, freshness & life to my lovely home

You’re not just window,  you are window to my heart!

My son & father-in-law :

I’m on cloud nine holding you in my arm
Nothing is more captivating than your sparkling eyes 

You’re like my wings gave me courage to fly!

Below pics are from  our majestic journey  from Lucerne to Mount Rigi in Switzerland. Rigi Klum (1798m) is mountainous area near Lucerne. It offers great views of Lake Lucerne, the Alps in the south and the plains in the north. Wonderful scenic day trip by boat over the  stunning lake, cogwheel train  & cable car.

View from window of cog wheel train Vitznau to Mount Rigi

Breathtaking view of Swiss landscape
Cable car from  Rigi Kaltbad to Weggis

What thrilled you most in this pic ? Depth of natural beauty  or cable car going all the way down.

©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas,  All Rights Reserved.


  1. Bhavana, yours is such a bright and full-of-life blog space. It’s uplifting to go through your ‘About Me’ section, and even just skim through your posts that instil such a vividness in the eye of our minds. I am looking forward to going through in detail, the colours you bring to life in your blog posts. You make me realise there is so much to be thankful for.

    Have a great day. Cheers!


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