Simple ways to organize bangles and bracelets

Welcome to the creativity section, it’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything new here.  This section is handled by me & my daughter Antara. She always tries to do something creative from waste material & unused boxes.  So I always keep empty boxes of biscuits, cereal, toys & gift  for her. If we can’t reuse them them we give them to kids for playing.😉

Last time I showed you a few simple & lovely ways to keep your earrings & necklaces untangled in jewellery box.  Click here for detailed post

So today  in accessories, I’m covering Bangles & Bracelets.  Simple & easy way for bangle box  & bracelets holder.
Bangle is one of the most important ornament for Indian woman. In  marriage, festivals, special occasions you will find women wearing dozens of colorful bangles.  It has sound of  happiness& love.  Now a days women prefer to wear less bangles & watch as permanent partner on one hand they go for bracelets. But we all have dozens of colored bangles in a box lying there since many years.

So bring it out all those shinning bands outside with this Bangles holder & keep it outside in a corner of room. It will change look of your room too.

Bangles Holder

  • 3-4 toilet paper roll
  • 1 hard cover of any box
  • Colored papers
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape


  1. Wrap hard cover of box & toilet rolls with any colored paper of your choice as shown in pics.
  2. To fix rolls on that base, make round markings on that roll, give small cuts, spread that cuts. With glue fix it on that base.
    With broad sticky tape you can fix it
  3. This step is optional, We did it because of naughty twins as both have tendency to pull things.
    So to give it strong support , you can keep heavy object inside, I glued empty small medicine bottles inside of rolls so roll won’t come out easily & stays straight.

So in this simple steps you can arrange all bangles in colourful order.

Bangle Box

  • 1 rectangular box/ shoe box
  • 2 long empty gift/paper rolls, lightweight round sticks
  • Gift paper/colored paper
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape


  1. Cover rectangular box with colored paper.
  2. As per length of  the box cut that gift rolls into equal parts.
    Wrap it with colored paper of your choice.
  3. For holding that rolls luckily I found two hardcover with base & holes .
    With thick thermocol sheet you can make holder for rolls.
  4. Fix this holder in box with adjusting height.
  5. Arrange bangles on that rolls & fix that rolls in box.

Here is bangles boxready you can keep it vertical also.

Bracelets Holder

  • Curd cup holders
  • Waste cupcake tray OR
  • Any tray/plate with small compartments
  • Decorative items optional like glitters, small colourful items, stickers.
  • Arrange them in your drawer & keep bracelets.

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      1. Thank you Bhavana for the kind comments. Congratulations to Antara from me. She’s truly talented.
        And regarding the support, I believe that is duty of the followers. Together we’re building a close group of friends, and the beauty is that we don’t know each other personally.
        Still the bond is strongest considering any other forum and that itself is making this very special.
        I find complete happiness here though I don’t know personal details of most of my contacts.
        It’s priceless

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      2. Thanks again… You made my day. Totally agree with you about our virtual family here. Really happy to connect with you & other lovely friends here. Hope this bond grows stronger day by day.

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  1. These are very unique ways to organize jewelry. As someone who loves jewelry-it is always tricky to figure out how to get everything organized and stored without being tangled. I use many jewelry organizer and stands for my jewelry at home. Thanks for sharing!

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