Elegant flowers from crepe paper

Hi all!…Welcome to creativity section…first little intro about us…This section  is handelled by Me and my elder daughter Antara…She is very creative and always learning and doing something  new at home…I am really blessed to have her…So you are here means  you must be looking for new ideas to decor your room ,do something useful from waste material and  you are at right the place . Antara will show detailed method with pics and videos..

So we are going to start with
beautiful flowers from crepe paper.These are very easy flowers but it will give very rich look to your room…U can arrange it in many different ways….step by step procedure is shown below

Things to be needed:

-Crepe paper

So let’s get started!!

First cut crepe paper exactly into middle .. open that half part and spread it on a flat surface. Then we fold the paper into half then again fold the paper into half.  

Open this folded sheet so u get center line cut into middle line so you will get 4 equal parts…do same with other half sheet… Use 4 sheets for one lot and the other 4 sheets for the 2nd lot. 

Now take one lot and fold it like a fan.Secure the middle of it by tape. Do same with the other half part. Now you have a right and a left side.

Take the two fans and keep them together and secure it with tape. Tie  ribbon or wool above tape for hanging .Take one end of the paper and cut the edge and cut it in a semi circle do the same with the other side too.Now slowly start seprating the sheets and fluffing it to get a flower.

So decorate your room with this colourful flowers.

©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


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