A roller coaster ride of 2years

Today is a big day for us! We are feeling excited and emotional too as on 2nd July  2017 our twins has completed their 2 years. Since morning, we received so many phone calls, messages but at the same time mind  is also buzzing with  endless memories of last  2 years. I couldn’t concentrate on anything…so I kept my mobile on silent mode. Mind was overflowing with thoughts, so finally I decided to write it down Really years are faster and days are slow.

Handling twin infants is challenging but manageable. Planning, setting routine and following it on every day is a main key to peace of your mind. Giving a healthy, safe and comfortable environment to them was our main aim and we are  very happy that we could do it. Detailed blog about raising twins is coming soon.

There were days when it was too much for us! How did we handle our stress? One day at a time  and deep breathing, letting it go, seeking help….. tell ourselves that this too shall pass!

The journey from newborn to 24 months was like roller coaster ride. I won’t call it a joyride as there are always unexpected twists & turns but also days full of excitement, love, fun and anxiety! It has been an overwhelming experience to watch their special bond,love and care for each other and sometimes their tantrums, fights as well.

Whenever the next milestone (6 months /1year/2years) is nearby,  we used to think situation will get better. We used to think that life would be easy when they start moving and understanding some things. We were in for a surprise. They require constant supervision and also get naughty. They also start competing for attention, grab each other’s things & fight …… but still watching them growing together is a treat!

If you are expecting twins, ask for help whenever needed.  Family, parents, in-laws and friends  all are a strong support system for us . The most important virtual guide is “google”….yes my so many doubts cleared here, got so many tips…,blogs, websites related to twins are like comfort zone for me……Trust on your safety belts , your instincts… ..enjoy ups and downs of this ride as reward can’t be expressed in words ….countless hugs,kisses,giggles n many more…..

They do everything together,copy each other, … but both  have very  different personalities. My son is strong, naughty, easy going,caring & foodie and his twin sister is loving, smart ,adamant, bossy & fuzzy eater. He is little stronger than her so helps her if things are not reachable to her…..both hold hands whenever they go out..they always talk to each other in their code language……..if you give one thing  he/she will always ask for second thing to share….they dance,sing ..their laughter clear out your stress in one go.

During this period, we have developed a positive outlook towards parenting & life and this has given us strength to go through this challenging and yet unique parenting experience. 

So, if you are expecting or already having twins, you are special. While you may be worried how to handle them, just remember that you are not the only one. This too shall pass…..just make sure that you have fond memories of this epic adventure. Good luck!

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