Unspoken Gratitude

     Unspoken Gratitude 

You are so vibrant, fresh, ageless beauty
Just being with you, I felt myself pretty
Softness of your skin, that
curly silky hair
Sorry, I never praised you like this before

Dancing & singing with you
gave me immense pleasure,
You are a free spirit, I followed you everywhere
Gave me everything, couldn’t ask for more
Sorry, I never said thank you to you before

Being with you I always connect to myself
You embraced me whenever I got scared
You painted my life with so many colors
Hey dear, I never missed you like this before

You deserve unconditional love, utmost care
Promise,I will protect you from every danger
Please stay calm n quite as no one can control your anger
Hey “MOTHER NATURE” I love you now and forever.


©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


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