Why Everyone Should Travel?

Travelling!!……Yes I’m missing it a lot & I’m sure many of us. Why everyone should travel?

A tourist doesn’t know where is he coming from. A traveller doesn’t know where is he going…..Be a TRAVELLER and not a TOURIST!

Travelling is fun. It can be a great learning experience. It adds a new perspective to ones life.

Travelling means meeting new people and seeing different cultures. It also means being vulnerable and open minded. It means eating different food.

If you travel intentionally every year, you are amazing. You have prioritised life. Rather than running after material things you don’t need, you have decided to pursue experiences. You value happiness in the present than anticipated fun in the future.

If you have kids, taking them to new places will improve their perspective. This learning will be better than the education they are getting in school.

Travelling will make you humble. It will make you mature and understand others better. You will become a better person.

Be a traveller!!

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