Mountains Or Beaches?

Airline,tourism & hospitality industry has been badly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Travelling will be different after covid-19 & now slowly few countries are opening their gate to tourism . Being caged at home for a long everyone is waiting for a green signal to pack their bags to spread their wings again.

So hoping that will happen soon, one of my friend has already planned her vacation & over our phone conversation she causally asked me “are you mountain or beach person??”where you want to go ? The first thought was why abroad? let me go freely to veggie shop, I would be way more happy!!😂

Further she added that they are planning for mountains as her family doesn’t like itchy sand & crowded beaches. After that call , I checked on the net & I was surprised to find many articles & quizzes on this topic Mountains or Beach person??. 😳 they define personality traits on the basis of what….a choice between mountains & beaches?

“Mountains” you imagine typical pics of single person doing yoga, meditation or person grazing picturesque beauty or mountaineer spreading hands on the top…. right?? So they define mountain lovers as introvert, thinker, simple, calm & composed, an artist who prefers to be alone in the midst of nature.

And according to research, sea lovers are extrovert, lively, entertainer, carefree who are doing water sports, beach parties & group singing & dancing (though I have seen it in movies only😉) … in general person who likes to be in crowd.

I don’t agree with this !! Imagine the high peaks, breathtaking views, pleasant skies and the glorious cable car journey to the top & do you think extrovert will get bored if nature is offering you so much. No, he will enjoy that natural rhythm.

And same when there’s the beach’s warmth, the soothing ocean waves, the sunsets do you think introvert will run away?… no he might join that lively crowd or he might just sit there. Nature has immense power that will make you gel into any situation despite of surroundings.

So why is something so vague used to determine a person’s personality ?? Strikes hard doesn’t it. Buzz-feed sure is running out of things to decide your personality huh? Results of these quiz are more ambiguous like extroverted introvert & introverted extrovert…..oops that is so complicated to understand😒. Better to be yourself & enjoy nature in every moment!!

I love both ocean & mountains…I mean, I’d consider myself an ambivert….so what natural beauty defines me & what do you think with this mountains & beach personality traits ??

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  1. Interesting post Bhavana…Frankly I think, it is not possible to define personality traits based on your liking for mountains or beaches. There are so many nuances to understand before branding a person an introvert or extrovert.

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  2. This was an intriguing read, I have often wondered how seriously people take these quizzes and put tags on themselves as introvert and extroverts or personality traits. I think it depends on the phases of life and the people you are around Taht affects choices. I would love to go to both the places.

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