What Has Changed???

Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the world. It will change the way we live in the future. Being in lock down for months, life has transformed to a new level. No one was expecting this radical change & no one was prepared for this  lifestyle. We were not ready for this sudden break from the hustle and bustle life but slowly slowly we are getting back to our NEW NORMAL.

Being in the same routine for ages, we developed a fixed mindset. We forgot to take a pause to think about ourselves, to find a new way. It took a pandemic for us to understand that work can be done from home. Setting up an office desk on the dining table had many difficulties but we found our own ways to tackle it. Though there is comfort & luxury while at home, at the same time you have to face many challenges like distractions, no immediate support, internet& many technical aspects. But soon many companies have found out thatproductivity has increased & they are ready to continue this practice for a long time. No commuting time so no wastage of time & energy, easy balance between work & home improved efficiency between employees.


Before Pandemic, we were so used to hotels, restaurants , shopping mall , theaters that this entertainment industry became our secondary lifeline . When all the means of entertainment suddenly shut down which resulted in chaos. After weeks of fussing & cravings when all doors were closed , like a warrior we sharpened knives , cleaned special tools, took out dusted bake wares, we put aprons, gloves & marched towards to kitchen to fight back craving monster. Tips & tricks followed from experts & culinary skills improved gradually. Whats app groups inspired us to try from traditional grandmas recipes to inter continental recipes. The trend of Lock down recipes which are easy & healthy started. From kids to adult everyone put their master Chef cap. A sense of achievement & satisfaction is always there for home cooked food but also you realized that you can cook anything &
create your own variations in healthy ways.


A great applause for kids,! They have co-operated really well. Most will remember the pandemic for their entire lives. Without school, friends, parks they got restless in living room. Even online classes couldn’t replace the joy of being in the class. But gradually parents took the the seat of friends, all the outdoor kids activities replaced by indoor games. Board games, cards, carom came out of the cupboard, extra hobbies nurtured & new skills improved. When there was no time to talk to each other, the entire family got that space to talk , to play, to watch movies. Kids got time to listen to grandparents stories, to play with them backyard games of their times. We came closer by frequent Phone/video call , online games & so many challenges to keep up the energy.

Mother Nature is restoring its beauty again, sky is more clearer, we can see the moon & stars in the sky. Pollution has decreased drastically , animals walking freely. Atmosphere is clear, fresh & we all got time to breath.

It is sad that it took a pandemic to bring forth our creative side. Our spending time together with the family. We can do better than this. We can choose everyday to be happy, productive and show empathy to others. The world could be a much better place than it is today.

What do you think??


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