You will be missed……..

Sometimes you will never

know the true meaning of moment

until it becomes 


…………….Countless memories I’m holding close to my heart. Memories which are filled with love, happiness, joy, care & with so so many emotions . But still every time when I think of it, I felt heaviness in my heart, eyes got teary. I’m badly missing every moment spent with her , a great support & strength, a guide in every path , very good friend & listener ……….MY MOM.

 The sudden loss of my mother was unbearable, shocking & felt like important part of my life has taken out.  I felt emptiness, that no one can filled. 

During that crucial time we stood strong for each other, we accepted what had happened. Now it’s been more than 3 month we are coming out of that shock, trying to move on but deep down we all are missing her everyday.

She was kind-hearted, lovely & enthusiastic. she always liked to invite people, keep gatherings /puja at home & her excitement would go double when grand kids are around . Even if she was on bed she would make sure all arrangements are done & everything is in proper order for guest. One more thing she just loved to collect different types of sarees for every occasion & had huge collection of sarees. She could hardly say ‘No’ to any seller & no one returned empty handed from her door.

Mom ….Why your heart got so weak at that moment when you fought against all odds in life?? What was so hurry to close your eyes when you had so many dreams???

Why life is so unpredictable?? if new birth gives signal much before in advance why not death?? We would have done everything what she liked the most. So many people , our relatives , our neighbors came to express condolences. All were speaking good things about her but mom would have been so happy if they had praised her personally. Really why we remember someone more after death why not we say good things upfront.

She was school Principal & immensely loved by her staff & students. Her selfless personality helped many underprivileged kids to shape up their future. 2 years before her students(few working & few in college )gave her surprise visit when they came to know about my moms sickness. That was the happiest moment for her , and mom proudly said to me “Sweet gesture by her students was the best gift of her entire life”.

I just don’t know what to write here, how to end this article, there are so many things to express. So many times I tried to finish this draft but couldn’t, finally I decided to do it today. I know this blog will release my feelings will help me to come back to writing again.


You lived your life the way you wanted,

You enjoyed what you liked the most.

You touched many hearts &

always be known for your kindness & grace.

Still hard to believe you’re gone,

Praises unheard , words left unspoken,

dreams shattered & promises broken…….

Give me one chance

to hug you tightly,

to never let you go…..

to tell you how much we all love you,

& that you’ll always always be missed.…….

©2017-2019 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


  1. No one can replace mothers unconditional love and the comfort she gives am 55 years now I still miss my mom 😔😔 and remember her each day atleast for a moment while cooking organizing gardening maintaining household chores 😭😭


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