Positively Creative…….

Embrace the Seasons & Cycles of your Life.

There is magic in CHANGE

—Bronnie Ware  

So rightly said, you can’t change the Seasons & circumstances but You Can easily Change Yourself.

As seasons change , nature effortlessly turn on its transition mode. We too transform our lifestyle & eating habits in harmony with nature.

Hey Relax! ….this is not inspirational post🤗. This write up is about special room , which changes its look with every seasons & now which is filled with positive vibes…my lovely daughter Antara’s Room.😍

Yes!!..When the seasons change, she gets charged up to add seasonal touch to her room.

In spring with colourful flowers , plants, stickers🌿🌷…. in winters(though no snowfall in Middle east) her room gets cozy with blue & white snowy things like snow white, snowman❄☃️ etc .

In Summer, she keeps calm colored theme like pink & turquoise . Her personal favorite colour is blue as it represents calmness, friendship and fun.

So you might think this is really heavy on pocket & we are doing rounds of shopping for room decor . Actually Antara is making most of the things at home. You can check more of creation here Antara’s Creativity.

She also likes rainbow colours🌈 and as you can see the arrangements of books and some of the paintings are all in rainbow shades.

This summer her room is little different than usual. As temperature is soaring , she is keeping her room & herself😅 cool by writing quotes on beautiful paintings.

She is growing up & can see that change in her creations. Her room is like mini art gallery , walls are filled with positive quotes & lovely paper /canvas paintings all done by her.

She is a big fan of Taylor Swift & love watching Merrell Twins videos. Twin sisters are so identical & cute. Their smile is contagious & you can’t stop smiling when you see this lovely collage in Antara’s room .

Here is my fav quote ” Paint your life with Imagination”……

Here are separate pics of her creations , some canvas & some paper paintings.

She loves these kind of paintings with black background . I liked all her paintings but this one Sun & Moon I liked the most.

Actually my writing desk is in her room & these paintings act as daily inspiration to me. I know in a few weeks she will take down everything & redecorate again with new things .

But I’m OK with it as long as weird pics of pop stars  not dancing on her walls .👩‍🎤🤬😇

A little change in Outside can make a big difference Inside of yourself.

So guys do you have any room/corner in your house where you will feel motivated??  Do you love to change home decor with seasons??

Share your thoughts & ideas here, we would love to hear from you!

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