Shower of Love…………

Shower Of Love……

You’re here again,

To cherish season of

blooming & blossom!!

With a promise

to nurture New Life & Love!!!


Your moist touch brings zest to my life &

pleasant voice is music to my ears.

I missed…..

Our craziness of hide & seek game ,

yours tricks to follow me everywhere &

that killer smile when you caught me off guard!!


Your short presence brings delight

but painful to wait for you so long!!

I adore everything that you rejuvenated

but can’t see them dying

when you’re gone.


It’s hard to let you go

but can’t hold you back too.

This year,

stay with me little longer ,

wait for me…..

Everything is beautiful

only because of you.

Let me seize few things

when you’re around.


You picked special flowers & spread silky petals

on my way .

But first I want to

drink scented water collected inside flowers


kiss every petals before it touched the ground .


Polished by sun rays, pure crystals are trembling

on dark green leaves .

One diamond is sparkling on the tip of leaf ,

I know you eagerly want it

to shine on my ring finger .

Let me first collect short- lived crystal into

eternal ocean of my palm.


I can see your reflections in clear water of stream.

Waiting just for me,

To be touched…

To be loved…

To be desired…..



You smiled & every other living things followed your signal,

Sky turned grey , thunder roared

Wings fluttered

Ripples danced on the water


your reflection got blurred.



I sensed you are coming closer,

I want to run & hide somewhere

but spinning wind tangled

creepers to my legs.

I felt your moist breathe on shoulder

& gentle breeze through curly hair.

Charm of you & radiance in your eyes

left me spellbound.


You kneel down in front of me ,

holding my hands .

Your icy-cold fingers made me freeze.

Two heart pounding so hard that

shivered all leaves of the tree ,

dropping down all shining crystals on us.



On this lavish & splendid moment

Nature tuned to rhythm of our heart.

How can I stay away when

you got me everything that I liked the most!!

Happiness soared…

When you put the diamond ring on my finger

Sky connected to the earth

through thousands of silver



I was drenched to the skin but

felt every raindrop .

Every cell of my body moisten with Power Of Nature…….

Shower of flowers, petals & crystals soaked

my heart into Power of Love……


©2017-2018 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


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