Pom Pom & Tassel Jewellery !!

Hi Friends,

Welcome to “Antara’s Creativity” for easy art & crafts ideas. Bright , bold & funky accessories are latest style statements. even I like to wear these kind of accessories sometimes as they add style & give different touch to your normal outfit.

These type of funky accessories look trendy with any outfits & traditional wear too . Make your own fusion style by blending traditional with modern designs.

Dangler earrings, heavy neck pieces, stone , bohemian jewellery are latest trends. There are so many different styles & trends to follow. But craze of pom poms & tassel jewellery which started 1-2 years back is still going on as these are very catchy & light weight .

But friends, these are easiest thing you can make it in a few minutes with easily available materials . So get ready to add dash of colours to your style and reuse your old jewellery with this colourful pom poms & tassels.

Actually I was reluctant to publish this as these are very easy & but one of my friend convinced me to post this as she said “These trends are very common but just like me there are many who might not be knowing how easy these jewellery are!” .

I thought even if 1 person could try out these ideas then this post would be 100% successful. πŸ€—πŸ†

So finally decided to share Antara’s this creativity with you.

Starting with pom poms earrings…..the things you will need are




-old earrings/ hooks/

-beads/ pearls/decorative items

-a fork

So the first procedure is to cut a piece of wool from the roll about 11-12 cm. Then slit the piece of wool between the 2 spikes. Then start wrapping some wool around the fork(as shown below)repeat this process 30-35 times(depending on the thickness of the wool)if it is thick then wrap it 20-25 times or if it is thin then 30-35 times. After doing this take the piece of wool an tie it very tightly around the wrapped wool to make it bow shape . Later remove the wool from fork and then take a scissors and cut corners through it.

You will get a fluffy and uneven pompom. With the help of scissors start removing little burrs from it to give exact round shape.

Repeat this process with different colours & for multicolored wrap different shade of wool to fork.

Now take hooks, decorative items make your own fashion accessories. If you don’t have anything take silver or golden thread , hang pom poms & fix it to small tops. Even You can attach it to old earrings and there you have it a brand new pair of earrings……free of cost and of course looks same like a store brought one.

Pom Poms are super easy, multipurpose & look good with any colour. It can be easily attached to any of your accessories, purses, duppata, dress & even chappals too. As summer is here mix & match these colourful pom poms with your light coloured dress. Best way which I liked the most is wearing multicolored pom pom/feather long earrings with white dress. Even one dangle earring looks elegant with white frock.

If you are too lazy to make pom pom, rakhi is one more option to use in jewellery.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Feather jewellery also new trend where one or more than one feathers attached. So next time if you find good feathers anywhere , don’t throw collect them & color it. Fix it to chain/ earrings & flaunt it.

Tassel Jewellery:–

Even these are super easy & trendy to go with any outfit. You just need thread(thick silk /embroidery thread better ). Take any hard rectangular card, select size as per required length of earrings, wrap thread enough(50- 100 times) depending on the thickness of thread. Tie one small thread at the center, remove wrapped thread from card . Tie silver / golden thread to form a round shape to attach hooks /tops/ beads. With scissor cut that loop & fix it to old ear rings /necklace/ bracelets.

Same like pom poms you can use it anywhere & can be interchanged with any other accessories.

Hope you guys liked this post. As I always said ” Creativity has no limits” . Use your designing & crafting skills to make your own jewellery & share your ideas in comment section below.

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  1. I love this so simple but lets you be creative without needing to be exspecially talented in crafting. I will be commenting on your blog as soon as i am able to fix my internet situation. Thank you for this great idea! I hope to make some pompoms and show them on my blog. Lillithlette.WordPress Thanks agin! Lil

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