A Natural Awakening….

Look Deep into nature,

and then

you will understand everything better.

~ Albert Einstein.

Nature is an amazing teacher . Just by observing & experiencing beauty of nature we all can learn so many things. It improves your health, refreshes minds, rejuvenates bodies & restores spirits . Spending time in nature can be Spiritual Awakening for the soul.


Life is like a waterfall, the water does not worry about the rocks it hits but keeps flowing freely & continuously. An uneven force & energy of water create rhythmic sound. In the end this thundering waterfall mixes with tranquil water and become one with itself.

Stop for a moment!

Take a break from your daily ripple

Don’t worry about future,

No regret about past,

Relax & enjoy your biggest PRESENT.

Even if the road is lonely & dark

Keep walking!

Believe there is always a ray of hope!

Life is full of surprises, you will find something magical unexpectedly.

So keep looking!

Don’t miss it.

(Zoom in to see this beautiful bird on a barren land.)

Adaptability, endurance , selflessness & so many life lessons we can learn from trees.

Trees- keep growing & stand tall.

Roots- stay grounded , strengthen your roots

Leaves- Accept change & let go what is dead. Transformation is a part of life accept it & move on

Flowers- There is beauty in everything , love yourself

Fruits- Contentment, Always give to others

You feel so relaxed & refreshing when you sit in the shade of tree!

My kids are enjoying this luxury as someone planted these trees a long time ago.

Save trees & let’s plant more trees for us & for our next generation.

So when we feel depleted best way to get energized is to connect with nature.

Try to understand nature’s signal , everything has something to tell you,  listen to this natural sound & let your mind get inspired from these little things.  Get lost in nature , connect with yourself,  there is so much happiness in that simplicity.


©2017-2018 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


  1. Totally loved this! Pictures are beautiful. You seem to be a beautiful person from inside as well. As one who loves nature, is beautiful from within. ♥💯

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