Unsolved Puzzle…..

Poetry is mysterious…..

Rhythmic wings

twirling in air but

buzzing away from paper.

Scattered thoughts

couldn’t fit anywhere .

Poetry is secretive ….

Words are erased more than written.

Story revealed but

true essence is deeply hidden.

Even spaces & comma speaking

what was unspoken.

Poem is like unsolved puzzle….

No order,

how to start or where to end.

Doesn’t matter,

how you interpret or ignore.

No limitations on

how it is structured or flowed.

Poetry is complex………..

Straight is twisted ,

simple is fancied,

& rules are broken

to match the rhythm.

Poetry is unpredictable……..

Words go missing when

you needed them most.

When emotions are flowing

either ink is frozen or nib is broken .

Poetry is draining energy & time


still numbed fingers holding that pen

hoping one day ink will

flow smoothly from mind to paper.

P.S.– A big “Hello” to all of you after my 3weeks of break from blogging.

Today It was little difficult for me to decide what to post. So finally came up with this poem which represents my situation while writing.

©2017-2018 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


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