Winters In Bahrain

Hi Friends,

It is raining today!!🌧

Since last 3 days here in Bahrain, the weather was misty, cloudy with occasional rain. I’m on my way to yoga class & traffic has slowed down much.

It is a beautiful sight to watch rain drops splattering against the windshield of the car but still I have to clean it to get clear view to move on. I love rainfall but today this shower is signal of season change from my fav winter to summer. Really will winter end this early??… but it had started late this time.

Life is like seasons,

It always move on…….

You can’t hold on what you liked


few things we had to leave, wipe, erase…..

Traffic jam has given me enough time to think why I liked winter the most. In Bahrain main seasons are extreme summer & mild winter. Rainfall is minimum, irregular & it mostly occurs in winter or when season is changing. In winter temperature doesn’t drop down so much & cold easily manageable with layered clothes.

Everything is so pleasant in winter.

Birds are chanting their melodious tunes

With colours of excitement and filling every corner!

First thing I liked about winter is our Weekend Mornings Picnic. Getting up early & that too on weekend is not a problem for us as my kids are early risers.πŸ˜ͺ So after little freshen up, we all head on to the park/beach picking up some food on the way.

There we can enjoy the entire park to ourselves as very few people around & kids can play without any hustle bustle .

While kids are busy in playing we boost our Vitamin D in warm sunshine by taking long walks or just taking pics of mother nature in glorious morning. 🌞 Sometimes doing nothing but just watching turquoise shade of sea🏝 or lying on the green grass gazing birds on clear blue skies. πŸ™

(You might have seen many pics , specially my twins on the same spot of watching sea , all are from our favorite park.)

Government takes special efforts in plantation & preservation of nature in Bahrain. Green lawns, plants & trees are always well maintained throughout the year. In winter not only in gardens but many cultivated areas, along the roads , walkways ….everywhere you ‘ll see many kinds of vibrant flower plants grown.

Specially Petunia, these are very popular here & comes in so many colours & mixed shades too. It spreads very fast , requires less care & flowers stay fresh more than 1 week. Even I like to keep this petunia along with other plants in balcony.

I know very well, extreme heat & humidity in summer will affect my plants & really painful to see my plants dying. So as long as they are blooming in my balcony I would like to relish its beauty & gardening.

This shower doesn’t mean everything will change suddenly. Good weather will stick around for few more weeks. We can continue with our weekend morning routine & gardening till heat is unbearable.

Everything is going to end,

what we have now is beautiful Present

so cherish it.

The best thing I like about Bahrainis are, they are very kind, helpful, enthusiastic & very social. When weather is good outdoor excitement suddenly shoot up like family gatherings, barbecue, camping & many more. Main social activity in winter which everyone loves is Desert Camping. Really amazing experience to spend 1 -2 day in desert tents when weather is too cold.β›Ί

Detailed post is coming soon…..

There are many things about Bahrain that I would like to share with you.

So Stay tuned!

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