What Canvas Said To Me….

I still remember that day….

On 22nd June 2017, it was very gloomy afternoon & I was standing all alone in the dark & dense forest. I had no idea how I went there carrying nothing but only a blank canvas.

Anxieties crippling over me with every seconds….. What if ??? I get lost in that maze ?… how to find exit or continue inside that mysterious path?? .

Overthinking mind tried to stop me but finally curiosities inspired me to take the first step to explore more about that lonely road..

I chose a narrow lane through the trees , branches intertwined & leaves scattered all over the path looked like blanket for creepers & insects. Chirping of birds, buzzing insects & leaves rustling in the wind …. everything was so quiet yet scary too.

But I felt some one following me, I could hear a whisper again & again.

Who was it?…I checked everywhere but nobody was there.

I closed my eyes & gathered all my senses & tried to concentrate on that sound.

Bhavana, draw something, paint something

don’t left me unfilled.

I want to be a Colourful Canvas

forever” .

Ohh..is it you CANVAS?? but how could I draw & paint, I have nothing….

Canvas:- Draw something with your imagination, Let your feelings act as a brush & paint a picture with your words. You know …

A writer is the one who

paints a picture

with few powerful words &

A Painter is the one who

speaks thousand words

through one picture.

Me:- ahh,….but this is not easy for me I’m not an artist nor expert….

Canvas:- Yes ..nothing is easy in this world, but you’ll learn , you’ll find happiness in what you are doing. Now tell me who is your strength? Who will stand by you in all circumstances?

Me:-My family & friends!

Canvas:– Let your strength be my easel. Mount me on this beautifully crafted support. Draw what comes to your mind. Imagine rich palette in one hand & magical brush in other. Isn’t it lovely?

Me:- Yes! it is …..but how this palette is rich it has only one colour of me. Who likes painting with only one colour…..

Canvas:- …this is YOU…Your creation!. It’ll be main background & strong foundation for all your canvases. But you’ll need many kinds of colours sometimes to outline, shade, brighten, soften , sprinkle & erase.Β  You have to find what you want in magnificent ocean of colours.

Where millions of drops are floating

together but still separated.

Each one is different in

shape, size & colour .

Each drop has unique purpose &

shining like Pearls of wisdom.

Me:- Wow! I can choose anything & have all colours on my palette.

Canvas:- No, when you want something from ocean you have to leave something valuable behind. You’re not loosing but gaining more. If you want that drops on your canvas feel the depth , appreciate beauty & be a part of their journey.

Build special bond which will

stay with you in every new step.

It is mutual “Give & Take”…

So the more you give

the more you’ll get it from them.

Me:- What if my work goes unnoticed ??What if they don’t like my work?

Canvas:-It’s OK…everyone has choice to make & we can’t force. Each drop is like precious pearl so many things to learn & so much knowledge to gain from them. In this process of finding you’ll always gain something.

With bunch of pearls ,

you’ll always

feel special, inspired & loved .

It will take time to understand what you want to give to & take from ocean. When you find your favorites colours store them in rich palette. So you can find them easily. This palette will expand every time when new drop is added on your canvas.Β  In due time drops will take form of thick/ thin, permanent/ temporary, soft/bright etc….

Few drops will fade & few will vanish too. But many more new drops will come to sparkle on your canvas.

When you’re looking

for new drops,

many new pearls will

come to you


the trails you left behind…..

Me:- Wow…. great…really exciting !!

Canvas:- Yes exciting & interesting!

Paint me with

all Colours of Life.

Let each shade

define me & my existence.

Let me be Colourful Canvas

forever” .

When I opened my eyes , I surprised to see myself standing on the seashore…….beautiful, bright & peaceful place on the earth where Sun, Sand, Sea & Sky come together . But now the most fascinating thing is that I’m painting….. not my 1st but 41st canvas & with 1000 colours on my rich palette!!

Is this dream into dream??. …speaking canvas was a dream or this palette with 1000 colours??

I touched every colour & Yes, they are real pearls!…. .real 1000 followers not magical …Each one has left beautiful mark on my canvases & made it more splendid.

Painting done by Antara

What an amazing journey from one to more than 1000 precious followers .πŸ’ƒπŸ˜

With hundreds of comments and loads of love on my posts I would like to

Thank Every One For Your Everlasting Support .πŸ’πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’•

Apologies to those who commented & followed recently but I couldn’t get back to you as I was occupied with many things. But remember your comments & support will have a special place in my heart . I am also very glad that you stopped by!

Even I missed so many recent posts of fellow bloggers but many of them know that whenever I visit their space I always try to catch up things which I had missed in their space & liked to read their posts at leisure .

Thanks again to all my Followers, Subscribers & Visitors to be part of his wonderful journey. I hope you all will continue to splash lovely colours in this year too!

Special thanks to Word Press for giving me chance to float in this magnificent ocean.

Spread Happiness…

Spread Love…

Spread Colours….


I was searching for suitable pic for this Gratitude post but couldn’t find single one.Β  So finally I askedΒ  my daughter Antara to paintΒ  something & she came up with this amazing painting which is more than perfect for this post.Β  Many Thanks & Much Love to Her

Β©2017-2018 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas,Β  All Rights Reserved.


    1. Many Thanks Radhika….I’m so happy to connect with you , you’re my favourite precious pearl in this ocean. Your comments always shine on my blog & made my work more brighter β˜‡β˜‡πŸ’.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ravi ,Your valuable insights always cheer me up. 😊
      Your detailed comments on my various post have framed my work perfectly.
      Thanks Friend for stopping by!πŸ’


  1. I liked your dream – very realistic and apt. And a unique way of acknowledging a milestone πŸ™‚ Congratulations and look forward to interacting with you. Your daughter is very talented too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is really sweet & fresh….just like you Dahlia. 🌻🌸
      Glad you stopped by.
      I thought of doing this
      “Gratitude” post in different way & I’m pleased to know that you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats Bhavana on achieving the 1000 followers milestone. I like how you drew a parallel between the canvas, this blog, colors, posts and followers. Reminds me of your other posts on friends like spices, the white color pencil. Your writing stays with us long after one has read the post. Keep going girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the nicest things I heard in the morning πŸ’•
      You really made my day Smitha.
      Thanks to you Smitha for being so supportive throughout this journey & adding valuable insights to my plain canvasπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’•


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