A Dark Beauty……

Sunset hues immersed in Oceanic blue,
splashing blaze of colours
on horizon.
Saffron water touching
sea shore
sprinkling golden particles everywhere.

In magnificent show of colours,
captivated by dark & intense beauty of one girl.
Her delicate moves like
beautiful stream flowing in mountain,
making her way through hurdles &
cleansing it with her pure soul.

Her silky & straight hair
shining in glaze of ocean.
Wind blowing through it
like cold breeze in summer.

Lost in a depth of her sapphire blue eyes,
trapped inside by mysterious eyelashes.
Long fingers moved in a rhythmic way
playing magical keys of a piano.

She started picking up sea shells
letting the sand
slip gently through
soft hands.
Keeping what she likes &
leaving something behind.

She tucked few tiny
seashells & pearls
to her silky black dress.
Frills are like sea waves adorned
with silver linings.

Her eyes filled with love
When she touched single big white pearl
of her black chain.
She smiled & that pearl started glowing brightly
killing darkness around.
This pearl seems to be special & favorite as
she Keeps it very close to heart.

Twirling elegantly to the rhythm
of her music,
frills from the bottom started to rise.
white sand, sparkles & pearls
formed white aura on all her sides.

She was getting brighter with every turn.
Like a dark angel
dancing in fairyland.
As beautiful as flower
blooming in the sunlight.

She stopped & raised her hands
sparkles filled the sky.
Glitters shined like a zillion diamonds

few started to fall apart.
Tried to catch but disappeared soon
when I raise my hands.

Feeling so calm & peaceful,
I drown into her blissful paradise.
When I opened my eyes she is gone
along with her magic.

But I know

Hey Night ,

My heart will beat for you
when sun goes down.
Waiting for you at
seashore is my passion.
Don’t know when I’ll catch falling star
for my empty pendant
but watching you in silence is
comfort to my heart…….

This beautiful painting is done by my dear daughter Antara which really inspired me to write on dark beauty of night🌌⭐🌙 . She is sparkle girl to me , adding sparkles to cards,painting & our life.💫💫 Thanks to her😍



©2018 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


    1. Thanks Nikhita.
      I tried many times to check your blog but having same problem which I had last time.
      I don’t know if I’m facing tjis issue … u plz check with your other blogger friend are they having same issue when they clicked your pic?

      Check setting of your profile , I guess you might have entered wrong link to your website.


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