Flavors Of Friendship…

Hi Friends,

How are you all?

I want to start 2018 with my favorite topics FRIENDS & FOOD .  In life you interact with so many people but very few can enter in your comfort zone of  friendship.  Friendship is mystery sometime it happens unknowingly in a minute sometimes it take years to understand each other.  But this is the most beautiful thing in life. 👭

Friends bring  lovely colours  & interesting flavors  to our life.   Friends are like spices with unique taste & aroma. Some friendship need proper attention  while other stay fresh even for years without much care.

Life is like a perfect meal

Treat yourself  as a king.

Add ingredients in perfect order.

Spiced up with friendship flavors.

Sprinkle it  with  love & care.




Few  friends are like Salt , key ingredient needed in every dish.  You want it to be easily reachable.  Just like few  close friends who are one call away, will be there for you at any time of the day.   These friends make any situation better same as pinch of salt on any tasteless food. They are simple, helpful & supportive.


Sweet friends are like deserts, chocolates & ice creams. 🍫🍰🍮 You crave most of the time but can’t have it often .  You get immense joy while eating  every bite  of it & when you finish you urge for more.   Just like college & school friends  who bring sweetness to your life. Not possible for you to meet them regularly  but  can’t get enough of  them when they are around.  Whether it’s phone call or direct meeting  you always want to continue it  for longer.

Sour & tangy:-

Some friends are like sour & tangy flavors . Think of lemons,  chat masala & tamarind.  🍋They have  tongue tickling flavor  & goes very well with few dishes.   Instantly boost taste of food but you can’t have it directly you have to mix with other ingredients.  Few friends are like full of energy & active . You feel excitement, fun & joy with them. In group they are like mood enhancer, always up to something .  You enjoy their company but you   can’t be with them daily.

Medicinal herbs & spices:-

Few herbs & spices not only add flavor but they have immense health benefits.  You can think life partner as turmeric . This multipurpose spice   we used in everyday cooking  but can be used as natural home remedies for many  diseases.  You share your problems, get emotional with few friends because you know they have proper solution.  You trust them blindly & you won’t go wrong.  Just like ginger, honey & basil  (tulasi) leaves can’t go wrong in cold & cough.  There are many spices & herbs having strong medicinal values.  We all have some friends who work as natural healer for our problems.


Saffron a semi sweet flavor beautiful aroma is most expensive spice. You store it properly in cool & dark place for maximum flavor. A very few friends are precious & you try hard to  retain it . You talk to them regularly & wished them on every occasion.  you expect same thing but it hurts when you don’t get proper response or message in return.  We don’t want to throw  expired saffron box  as it was very precious at one point of time.  It become very formal conversation & friendship continues for years same as saffron box in  fridge cabinet .


Some friends are slightly bitter , you can’t tolerate them at all.  They are eager to find faults  in you.  They will make  you depressed by  sharing sad stories.  You feel slight discomfort & negativity after meeting them.  But sometimes these friends make you think about reality & yourself  better.


Hot & Spicy:-

Chilies, peppers  🌶 have pungent, sharp taste also gives burning sensation  so should be added with caution.  Slightly cooked & mixed with proper ingredients give perfect taste to any  recipe. These kinds of friends are hyper active, interesting  &  bring spiciness in your life. They get angry😈 very soon so you think twice before saying anything to them.  If in excess they have tendency to bring tears into your eyes.  So in moderation they are perfect friends  in chilled winter & rainy days  along with hot cup of coffee.

Herbs & dry spices:-

Herbs(thyme, oregano, basil  & rosemary) & cinnamon, cardamon, bay leaf are having strong smell & rich flavor  used in specific recipes only.  You can use them in cooking but can’t consume directly & have to store them separately.   Few friends are like this, leaving strong influence on our mind  even if  meeting is for very short period of time.  You feel inspired, positivity with them.


Some friends are cool, refreshing  like mint, coriander & cucumber. 🍹You never get bored with them. You find yourself relaxed & comfortable with them.

Taste varies when spices are fresh, dried, roasted & mixed with other ingredients.  Even spices lost their flavors if not used for long time, better to store it properly & use it before getting stale. Sometimes, the friendship becomes toxic & it is far better if forgive them & walk away from such situations. This is not a weakness but a quality of strength. Some friends are better in group & some  are best when  left alone.

Every friend is unique & special , you will need certain friends at different time. I’m really happy & blessed to  have all kinds friends who added variety of flavors to my normal life.

Thanks to each & every of my friends.

Stay strong, stay fresh🍀

Don’t lose your flavors.♨

Hope you liked this post. Feel free to share your views on “Flavors of friendship “.

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    1. Wow!…Biryani & sweet pineaple chips 😋😋 ..You’re lucky to have all kinds of flavours in your life. But it requires lot of patience & efforts to cook perfect biryani😉. Enjoy & have a great day ahead!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks😍. Happy this post could inspired you.

      Yours link only working but if I click on your pic it’s giving me error. I guess you have posted wrong link in your settings of profile.


  1. Whoa! What a unique, tangy idea! It never occurred to me that the phrase ‘friends bring flavours to our life’ could be applied so literally! 🙂
    BTW, you missed out on Umami taste….


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