17 Reasons To Thank 2017

Hi Friends,

How are you all?   As the year comes to an end , everyone is busy in making plans & writing down the resolutions for the new year.  For me, it’s hard to keep them so I don’t  make any resolutions!😉😉

The month of December is like the dawn of the morning. Even if you know many health benefits of getting up early , you always find an excuse to sleep a little extra.😴  You procrastinate things to the next morning just like December where there is always the month of January to start new things.

For me, this December month was quite busy & lazy at the same time so I couldn’t post regularly here. Winter, holidays, cozy blankets & warmth  of sweater made me lazy to write anything new.  Outside weather is  so beautiful & pleasant, you can’t stay home. There are so many outdoor activities & get together lined up in winter.  Numerous discount offers everywhere on shopping that it’s impossible to ignore them. 🤣

But I wanted to write THIS ONE POST before 2017 ends about what positive things happened in this year & saying goodbye to it on a positive note.

17 Reasons To Thank 2017

  1. The best thing happened is I started blogging in this year.
  2. I got more than 800 amazing & talented  friends whom I have never met .
  3. For all  likes & comments. To every bloggers, visitors, friends & relatives who stopped by my blog, appreciated my work & encouraged me to do more.
  4. To all the award nominations, love & support shown by fellow bloggers.
  5. A big Thank You  to my special group of friends(Godgappa) for adding one more year of sweet memories to 10 years of friendship. Not only friends but like extended family always together in ups & down.
  6. To all wonderful & helpful neighbors for planning & celebrating so many events together.
  7. Writing has helped me to think  positively .
  8.  Reading on diverse topics here in one platform. This has helped me enlarge my horizons.
  9.  For all Creative & innovative ideas by my daughter Antara.
  10. Recently started You Tube channel of our twins, it’s kind of funny videos, learning videos & rhymes.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdlSTpSwc5_2oDLLTXSzoqA
  11. Started learning video editing.
  12. I followed Healthy Cooking  with lots of vegetables & fruits.
  13. I tried many recipes shared by my fellow bloggers friends.
  14. Managed to go to Yoga classes regularly.
  15. Spent more valuable time with family, parents & in laws.
  16. Successfully stayed away from Facebook for last 1.5years.
  17. Feeling Happy

What are you thankful about for 2017?

Wishing you a very happy & rocking 2018!

Image Credit: My friend, Tejasvini Surve

©2017 Bhavana, Colourfulcanvas,  All Rights Reserved.


  1. What a wonderful way to end your year, by counting all your blessings and be thankful for it. May you get more reasons to be thankful about in the new year… 🙂 And kudos for staying away from facebook…that is very impressive. 🙂

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