Hi Friends,

This post is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge “Transformation “.

This is such a powerful word that can’t be expressed in few pics & few lines.

Transformation is at every life stage from

new born to old age,

tiny seed to leafy grown tree,

hot humid air to chilled breeze &

water to glaciers.

Everything in this world is changing, moving, gaining something & leaving something behind.

Every moment we are turning into Newer One.


Nature casting Its magic spell every now & then. It’s fascinating to watch how tiny seed grown into giant leafy tree & how soft petals turned into juicy fruits.
Check out below pics how plants transformed with every season.  One leaf turned yellow & ready to leave its branch, that leaf will be food, shelter for someone.   Other leaf just grown from dried stem to start new life cycle.  And how few showers of rain turned lifeless bush turned into beautiful flowery garden.


Stages of buds to fresh lovely flower.


This pics are taken in shopping mall  where flowers, fruits & vegetables are used as colours to form unique design.


Here these rangolis(dry powdered colours) are transformed into beautiful designs by me during Diwali celebrations.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

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