Be Your Own Best Friend

This story is about strong & pure friendship between 2 friends one Boy & Girl.  She is like beautiful, sensible & lively girl.  He is very smart, intelligent & practical boy.

In childhood days, She was like leader, she would do whatever she likes to do.  He never stopped her rather always accompanied her. He was like silent observer of her activities.  He would spend hours into exploring & learning new things.  Just like cute baby their friendship was adorable & innocent.

In school days,  He was getting more attention because of his intelligence & smartness.  She was still the same chirpy and mischievous so she always needed his guidance, support & help in may matters. Whatever may be the topic both always discussed with each other. He had walked every step with her  when she was wandering here & there. With every passing year their bond was growing stronger & matured. Both were equally taking their decisions together.

In college their friendship took different turn. He became wiser & serious. She felt  college days as  freedom to explore more.  He wanted to achieve all his goal by studying harder. For him, College was only path to follow his dreams, he didn’t want to get distracted.
For her, College life comes only once in a life time so she wanted to enjoy each & every moment of it.  

Both were right in their views & struggling to find proper balance between these two.  He wanted to keep himself busy in books & studies. She wanted to be stress free with friends, movie & parties.  This conflicts always end into  arguments. But even if he is right,  many times she  ignored him.
Their relationship was going through rough patch, but still both were respecting & supporting  each other.

He was sometimes annoying for her but still every time she will ask for his approval.

She was sometimes distraction for him but still he wants to be with her.

With him, she felt focussed , supported & stable.

With her, he felt valued, appreciated & nurtured.

For him,  it’s only “good or bad”  & “right or wrong”

For her , “it’s OK”, “let it be “& “don’t worry “.

She was the only reason for his inspiration & confidence.

He was the only reason for her  strength & happiness 

He preferred  going by the rule, planned & honest paths.

She preferred unplanned, unexpected & shortcut paths.

Slowly stress, competition & expectations  crawled into their life,

small arguments turned into big fight.

Anxieties & failure made her more restless

She was running from the reality finding solace in solitude.

When she was on the verge of breaking down, he pulled her back.

From amiable guide he turned into strict trainer.

He guarded yet given her  full freedom to do what she liked,

watched her every step, blocked every negative thoughts.

Nature, hobbies & loved ones  helped her to bring back to normal life.

He told, “Don’t run behind easy & shortcuts, that will  give you  momentarily joy

Enjoy long & rough journey towards Inner happiness, learn from experiences

Do what you want to be,  Not what others want you to be.

Accept things as it is don’t expect more , spread love & happiness to the world

You have power to create & destroy, create what is right & destroy what is wrong

This is the story of you, me & everyone in the world.  Story of  Feminine Energy & Masculine Energy  in our bodyRegardless of gender, each of us contains both energy.


After knowing this, read again I’m sure you can totally relate to it.

Logic, planning, facts  & discipline are characterized in  Masculine Energy.  Emotions, intuitions, feelings & openness are governed by the Feminine side.  Both are incomplete without each other so maintaining harmony between two is a key to wholeness.

Sometimes we are carried away by so many emotional things & we preferred to ignore  inner voice who is stopping us .  When situation is uncontrolled this soft voice turned into strong, powerful & commanding.

Utilize both energy when they are needed,  sometimes in life  we take decision emotionally or logically.

If you find imbalance in any of this energy,
Be Your Own Best Friend,
Talk to yourself,
Only You Can Change Your life,

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©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas,  All Rights Reserved.


    1. That’s so kind of you Nikhita. You made my day!😍. Thanks for your appreciating my little efforts.

      Btw, I tried to visit your blog by clicking your pic but it always going to WordPress reader stream. I hope you find its solution soon.

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  1. Be your own friend…The title was different from the story as it progressed with friendship bet a boy and a girl. But the ending was a twist.This was such an interesting read combining both the energies masculine and feminine.

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