DIY: Diwali Lanterns

Hi Friends!

Welcome to “Antara’s Creativity”. As  promised in  my previous  “Super easy Candle holders” post, here is  special post on Diwali Lanterns. Diyas & lanterns  have significant importance in this festival.  Homes & streets adorned with strings of colourful lights, earthen oil lamps & bright paper lanterns (aakash kandeel/deep). Market is flooded with traditional & all kinds of lanterns but they are so  easy  to make at home.  So friends, here are a few ideas  for Diwali lanterns.

1-Baby lanterns garland
– I called it baby as they are small in size but super cute. These are so easy you can make as many as you want.  Hang it as garland or separately.

For this you need-

  • Origami paper or colorful squared paper
  • Glue, stapler
  • Lace, decorative items

Take paper fold it into half. Make a line leaving 1inch on both sides of paper. With scissors give cut of small strips till markings. Open paper & fold it like cylinder. Staple corners. With paper strip/lace make holder. Try same procedure for all other colours.

2-Traditional lanterns –

This kind of lanterns you will see in all shops & greetings cards. I liked long paper tails of these lanterns it blows nicely with wind.

  • Coloured paper (A4 or rectangular)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Decorative items

For this lanterns , take two coloured papers of your choice. With first paper(light green)make inside roll. Fold second paper (dark green)in center. As shown in above pic, cut paper into strips leaving few inches from top of the paper.  Open this paper  & stick it to the paper roll in such away to give nice rohmbus shape.For tails, take separate 2 papers, cut them into long strips & stick it below this shape.   Decorate it with glitters & sparkles. 

3- Multicolored Lantern

This traditional hexagonal  lantern is very easy. For this you need

  • Plastic jar/paper roll
  • Origami papers
  • Glue, sticky tape
  • Colored paper for tail

Take paper fold it diagonally. Stick it to jar/paper roll as shown in the pic. I used paper strips for tail but  it looks good without tail also.

4- Floral Lantern

Antara tried with muffins paper liner on plastic jar & it came out beautifully.

  • Plastic glass jar
  • Paper muffins liners
  • Glue, sticky tape
  • Water colours & brush
  • Lace, decorative items

Paint muffin paper cups, fold it & stick it to the plastic jar.

Be careful when you use  light bulb inside paper lantern. There should be enough outer & open space for the bulb.

Happy & safe Diwali to you all!

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