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Hi Friends!

Welcome to “Antara’s Creativity” section for more new ideas . So friends what you do with expired cosmetics products🤔. Throwing away our favorite shades of expensive lipstick is so heart breaking.   Anyone knows how long it take to finish a lipstick???  I  have never finished a lipstick in  validity period & I  keep on adding more to my collection.  I guess  most of us are doing the same thing. 😉😉

I always keep these products for my daughter Antara as she likes to use it as a  make-up kit for her dolls. But we thought why can’t we use this lustrous ,  radiant shades  to enhance paintings.  Best thing is no need of brush, water, & pallets, you  can use them directly . So we decided to give it try &  with only  expired make-up products, Antara made nice 3 canvas paintings . So sharing with you her little efforts.

Special tips

  • Wear gloves & apron as things get very messy while using lipstick, eyeliner & kajal (kohl)
  • Use eyeliner last as its black particles fall on the canvas & very difficult to remove.
  • Lipstick & gloss won’t dry easily so once painting done ,hang it or keep it separately. Don’t try to wrap or laminate it
  • You can try it on  glass , papers  & plastic plates.
  • Colored nail paints are best for drawing flowers

1st Painting – With shades of lipsticks, powder foundation, eyeliner & eye shadows.  We stuck old jewellery to give more natural look.

2nd Painting — With powder foundation lipsticks , eyeliner  & eye shadows

3rd Painting–

With lipsticks, nail paints & kajal( kohl slightly mixed with water)

So girls don’t throw your cosmetics now reuse it in creative way.  Thanks for visiting & stay tuned for more new ideas.

 ©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas,  All Rights Reserved.


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