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With mobiles and other bright screens filling our lives, our eyes need a lot more caring than we normally do. We can’t avoid Laptop & mobile fully but we can control  by taking break in every half an hour while using screen &  improve eyesight by eating healthy food.   Proper care of eyes is utmost responsibility of everyone.

Some of us know and agree the importance of eating fruits & veggies that can help our eyes. But very few actually take little extra efforts to make juices  & follow proper  intake of nutrients daily.

So I decided to make fruits/veg juices that are especially  good for eyes . So last full week every morning I prepared  1 juice with different main ingredients so kids will have variety of  taste & colors. I’m so surprised when twins had finished juices in one go & wanted more. There is sense of fulfillment when you see your kids enjoying healthy food.

So  starting 7 DAYS SERIES for healthy food starting with 7 different easy & highly nutritious juices  for eyes.

For lazy Sunday -Red Eye opener  

Tomato & Beetroot juice great way to start off  your day.

  • 1-2 medium sized tomato
  • 1/2 cup finely cut beetroot
  • Small piece of ginger
  • Rock salt
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon juice
  1. In blender/juicer add  chopped tomatoes, beetroot,  & ginger. Blend very well till fine puree .
  2. Add 1 cup water, lemon juice & rock salt blend it again
  3. Sieve it with fine mesh strainer/muslin cloth, extract all the juice from pulp
  4.  Don’t throw pulp you can use it while making curry & veg biryani


Monday blues -Orange boost 

Orange & carrot juice easy for busy Monday morning

  1.  In Juicer add chopped carrot & oranges. Add water or ice cube mix properly  &  in few steps your energy boost is ready
  2. Sour taste of oranges & sweetness of carrot give delicious taste so no need to add sugar & salt .
  3. Freeze remaining pulp  in ice tray. You can use it in ice-creams, Popsicles,  & muffins


Get active on  Tuesday   with gooseberry juice

  1. Slightly cooked & sweetened berries taste better than raw.  So I cooked it in pressure cooker only for 1 whistle. You can use steamer also.
  2. Once cooked pieces can be easily removed with hand, no need to cut.
  3. Add water, sugar or honey  mix & serve it.
  4. Never throw this pulp store it in fridge & apply on hair before hair wash


Welcome Wednesday with this refreshing drink

Green juice- Spinach, coriander, mint & broccoli

  •  7-8 spinach leaves
  •  1/2 cup coriander leaves
  •  1/4 cup mint leaves
  •  3-4 florets of      broccoli(optional)
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon juice
  1. Except lemon juice blend all ingredients till fine puree.
  2. Add water or ice cubes, lemon juice & rock salt blend it again
  3. Use remaining pulp in making paratha & puris


Bright red juice for Thursday

Strawberry juice

  1. Berries are rich source antioxidents which help to improve & protect your vision
  2. Here I made juice of strawberry only  as kids liked to eat blueberry & blackberry directly.
  3. In juice add sugar or red apple as sweetener .
  4. Freeze remaining pulp you can use it in deserts & smoothie.This ice cube can be used even as face pack.


Kick-start Friday with this energy drink

Green Apple,Kiwi & pear

  1. Add chopped green apple , pear & peeled kiwi through juicer.  I used juicer as it extracts black seeds of kiwi easily
  2. This juice  has perfect sweet, sour & refreshing taste.


Start your weekend in delightful way

Pomegranate & black grapes juice

  1. Both are packed with nutritious vitamins & minerals which good for eye health
  2. Blend nicely pomegranate perils & black grapes
  3. Rich flavored juice is ready. No need to add extra sugar or salt


  • Fruits & veggies are healthiest option but if you are allergic to any fruit/veg, diabetic or  having any chronic disease, please consult Doctor before taking any of these juices.
  • For juicing you don’t need high end Juicer, With normal  blender/mixer you can  make perfect juice only effort is straining juice & cutting fruits/veggies into small-medium size pieces.  For Juicer fruits/veggies can be cut into big pieces but cleaning  all parts of juicer is little tedious.
  • I prefer blender when juice ingredients are soft, seedless & less in quantity . Otherwise I always prefer juicer
  • To sieve or not is personal choice
  • Don’t worry about quantity 1/4th glass is also sufficient if you are taking juices regularly.
  • Morning is best time for having juice & drink it immediately after juicing.
  • Here I used less & easily available fruits/veggies, you can add ingredients of your choice.
  • Wash fruits/veggies thoroughly before cutting.

Thanks for visiting & I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

Follow this 7-Days series of healthy & easy juices only for eyes & let me know your feedback.

©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas,  All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hey Bhavana!
    You always come up with important and useful posts and your creativity always amazes me. So nominated you for one lovely blog award. Do check it out. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy that you found this post helpful. Poor eyesight is common problem now a days. Even I wear specs all the time. So my little efforts to improve eyesight through this easily available ingredients.


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