Colours: A Delight

From the name of the poem, you know that it is going to be full of colours.  My daughter Antara(10yrs) was sad the way I had written about white crayon and it’s tragic end 😓 in my previous poetry  “THROUGH THE EYES OF A WHITE CRAYON“.  So I asked her to   write down her feelings. 3 weeks ago she wrote beautiful poem on colors. Thought of sharing it with you   today  as word of appreciation to her writing talent.

Colours: A Delight

Start with Blue

It’s not new,

Let it be sky or sea

It’s loved by you and me

It stands for trust,loyalty

and truth,

Liked it as it’s really cute

When I think of Pink,

it gives me a kick

Color of flowers and compassion,

it has a lot of passion

Nice and sweet,

cute and charming too!

Color of doves and snow

It indicates peace, sacrifice

lovely, calm

nice and light

We all like it

It’s full of wit

Next is Red

Color of rose and love,

It shows aggression and passion

What a combination!!

It’s the color of fire

and also shows desire

Coming up is Green

So neat and clean

It’s the color of nature,

Which indicates freshness

and life

Looks so pretty,

and so is witty


Color of sunshine,

shows joy

It’s full of energy

and happiness

It’s nice,

feel so beautiful


color of flowers

It stands for wisdom, dignity

magic and creativity

Liked by all girls,

it’s beautiful plus

the best of all colors

Dark  and full of power

It’s mysterious

though an elegant color

It’s evil and also with  full of strength

Out of darkness

comes the light!


©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


    1. Hi Dear..Thanks again for this Active award nomination. Sorry but my few award posts are still pending😅. So this might take some time.But sure will check it out. Have a great day!


  1. I love Antara’s enthusiasm for colour. As you can see from the name of my blog I love colour too! I would be happy to share Antara’s poem on my blog if she would be happy for me to do this! Antara might like to have a look at my blog as I’ve done some special colour posts. I’ll give you a link to a menu for my special posts and you need to scroll down the page a bit. By the way, I followed a link to your blog from Surbhi ki Rasol. Here’s the link for the Colour Posts (remember to scroll down the page to find the list).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She’s just 10 years old😀
    I think she got the soul to write….hope she keeps up her writing. Thanks for sharing her poem.


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