Double packed double the fun….

Who doesn’t like to going out to new places ?…Really if traveling was free, you won’t see me again…..light bags, exploring natural beauty & culture, no any  time constraint, trying out different cuisines and candle light dinners are perfect traveling ideas. But reality is different if you have twin toddlers👫 . Your bags are as heavy as you are going Mars , you have to be on toes all the time ,  your mind is always buzzing with different thoughts and finding hotels with fresh vegetarian food, family areas and hygiene are top checklist. My little boy starts jumping whenever he sees food, literally he sits on the table and ask for everything whatever we are eating. Luckily my little girl is well mannered on table &  not  copying him here .

So for us going out is always a big project, but it doesn’t stop us from traveling. It is  fun filled experience if proper planning and packing is done. I  am very particular about packing so I start sorting out things one week before. Well organized bag is skill & I learned that from my father. He loves traveling & always packed our bags so perfectly. We had been to so many places in India & that time all other bookings (hotel,guide taxi etc) had to be done on the spot.  Now a days we pre booked everything from start to end & that too checking all online reviews.

My twins had flown many times, so quite comfortable with flights journey . We had been to few places but for 1-2 days but this time we are off to Kerala for 8 days which is the southern part of India. We plan to explore mountains, beaches, wildlife and not mention the monsoon.

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So I made list of all essential things we required for twins.  Hoping that next time I don’t have to scratch my head again🤔 .
This list might be useful for single/twins/multiples kid’s parents.

Food– Keeping   kids  well-fed and healthy  throughout the vacation is main task.  During takeoff n landing make sure to give them something chewable that reduces ear pressure. Keep chocolates, biscuits cookies with you.

Take their favorite cereal, cerelac, dry snacks and oats.
My kids are ok with cups and bottles both but I prefer bottles while traveling

Bottle-feed -Formula milk, bottles, bottle cleaning brush, sipper for water and juice and favourite cups

As both are 2yrs old only they are not used to outside food that much, so I am taking

Electric rice cooker– In which I can make rice, pulav, khichadi (rice & lentils), oats porridge(sweet and salty).

Electric kettle- for hot water, tea n specially for sterilizing bottles, flask

Disposables– Few Plates ,bowls, spoons & glasses and boxes to carry food

Not going crazy in cooking  but just carrying small things in case of emergency.
15mins of little efforts if saving from full day hassle, then I guess worth taking the risk

Toiletries-Diapers ,wipes, nappy rash cream, plastic sheets, tissue box,hand wash, tooth  brush , paste ,baby soap, shampoo, moisturizer , trash bags to throw waste materials.

Medicines– Imp medicines for fever,cold, cough & gas.If allergic to anything please carry important medicines and prescriptions, Antiseptic, mosquito repellent cream

Seasonal essentials– Depending on weather Summer/winter caps, sweaters, goggles (just for pics),umbrella ,socks ,slippers

Entertainment– Always keep few toys, stickers, blocks,crayons & colouring pages handy. Charged your  E -devices  full if kids like to watch baby videos.

Hope I am not forgetting anything😂. Please share your tips on traveling with kids.

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  1. Its really a lot of stuff to carry.. Hats off to you. Still you keep up your spirits high and travel a lot. I see lot of kids in my flight (I am a cabin crew by profession) and their parents struggling to handle them. Most of the times one single toddler is difficult to control esp in long flights and you have twin toddlers. I am sure you really have good patience and ofcourse you have to be a super mom to keep everything perfectly in place. I really admire you.

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    1. Yes dear lot of stuff, there are few things that I don’t need but carry as precaution😉.Wow! cabin crew , you can pursue your hobby while travelling. Thanks for kind & encouraging words, this means a lot to me.

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