Bond Of Protection

India is well known for its cultural and traditional festivals. All festivals  always celebrated with passion and joy that brings families together. This post is about special  festival called Raksha bandhan (bond of protection) .This is bond of affection  between brothers and sisters ,where sister ties Rakhee(colourful silk bands ) to brother’s hand, in return brother gives promise to protect her sister throughout life. Both pray for each others well being and happiness.

That beautiful bands you see in the  pics are handmade by my daughter & niece.


Smooth and special bond just like that silky thread,
with colours of love & strong promise to keep

Its not just a thread with glitters,
this is piece of diamond that shimmers

Shining beads are pieces of gold,
like our childhood  memories we hold

My first friend, my brother I know,
you are always there through thick & thin!

 Via Daily Prompt:Shimmer

©2017 Bhavana Colourfulcanvas, All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hi Bhavana, Really liked your post on raksha bhandhan-it is a beautiful celebration for siblings. Thanks for sharing and a big thank you for checking out my blog.
    I make simple rakhis that my mum taught me when we were little, by twisting silky threads. My brother says they are his favourite because they are comfortable to wear!

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