Through the eyes of a White Crayon

Hi friends ….Today while cleaning drawers I found single, unused white crayon in empty box  so thought of penned down its feelings. 

Disclaimer- I am not sad or emotional writer, love happy stories, happy endings 😊.  I like all colours including white

Through the eyes of a White Crayon

I am unique,divine & proud of my purity,
My 11 friends  who were my reflection but having different identity,
Spreading colour was only our purpose,
Excited in that confined box no idea about outside world

One day door of our destiny opened by tiny fingers,
My friends were picked one by one ,
Outside giggles made me more anxious,
I left alone, waiting for my turn

My friends returned but not my reflections,

They were broken,  peeled & thrashed
But all happy as their aim was fulfilled
Days passed I stood alone, sad & untouched

After many days I was suddenly picked up,
Saw my friends imprints on
papers,walls & minds
Horrified when I was thrown out of window,
took my last breath & left permanent mark on the road


  1. Wow Bhavana, your blogs are really awesome and this one is so insightful 😊. I loved the title of this post so much !! Have a nice day ahead 😇

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    1. Thanks for your kind words…everyone has a different interpretation & I liked yours…girls feelings so true….filled with so many emotions…and we girls are full of life , spreading colours everywhere.

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  2. My white crayon is the only one out of my newest box… removed this weekend so that my boyfriend could use it for truck work. Sometimes, white crayons get to have all the fun! Just not often. This post made me smile. Thanks for checking out my blog and inspiring me to find yours. All the best!

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