“Semi” minimalism!

Minimalism has been a hip topic these days. From minimalist websites to YouTube channels, there is plenty of buzz going around.

Minimalism encourages people to get rid of things they don’t need so that they can focus on things they need. This applies to friends and relationships as well. It also asks us to be frugal when buying new stuff so we accumulate only what we really need. The idea is to be more happy with less stuff to worry about and have more family and personal time. 

In my family, we like this idea but believe that some material things do give us happiness. Hence when it comes to discarding or getting rid off , one need not go to the extreme end. 

As an example, a smartphone with internet gives me possibilities from reading, networking to writing my own blog. While excessive use of the phone is harmful, it is something that should not be discarded because one wants to be minimalistic. It’s nearly impossible for my daughter to believe our life without smartphones and internet when we were teens!

So we have started with what I call “Semi” minimalism in our home.  This means that we are aware of our needs, the stuff we own but don’t go to extremes to get rid of the majority.

We have 3 kids – a creative daughter who is 10 and twins who are 2 years.  It is very obvious that the twins are going to have toys and a lot of stuff. We are perfectly alright to have untidy playing area. The joy we derive out of playing with them & watching them play is priceless.  And since my daughter creates a lot of artistic things , she also has a lot of stuff which is really useful. 

The same applies to gadgets like TVs, music systems which give us joy if we don’t overuse them. 

In summary , I believe in the right balance between owning too much stuff versus having too less. I would like to hear your opinions about minimalism…or…semi minimalism! 

Feel free to comment!

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  1. I totally agree – keep the useful things and one that brings you a certain amount of joy but let go of the clutter. It also helps if everything is organized. Great post!

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  2. I am probably what you could call a semi-minimalist state at the moment! I was getting rid of many of my unwanted items and have been away from home 3 months now and am itching to get back and carry on! For me the hardest things to justify having are my childhood books and craft stuff so am still on the fence!

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    1. Hi Dear.. Thanks for stopping by. I guess this is your first visit to my blog , so warm welcome to my colourful journey. 💐 Even for me toughest part is discarding stuffs that we had bought after hours of shopping & things to which we are emotionally attached. So I’ve started buying things that we really need. So now trying to Keep right balance between owning too much stuff versus having too less. Wishing you a great day!


  3. That’s how we look at life. Minimalism, to me, changes to fit the owner.
    We don’t have lots of clothes or trinkets, but we do have a nicer than normal car and quite a few video games for a minimalist. We don’t play the games all the time, and the car make driving in a metro area not only good on gas but not as unpleasant.
    I think life should be about being happy, what I don’t think most people realize is how much happier they would be with just a little bit less.

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