No more tangled earrings…

Hi Friends!
Welcome to Antara’s Creativity . I like to wear earrings infact I like all types of ladies accessories. We women are so blessed that  we can style ourselves  from head to toe .

But organizing jewellery and keeping them entangled is a big task. So here me and Antara are telling simple and creative ways to make jewellery boxes at home.   We are going to cover bangles, bracelets, neck pieces, hair clips, hair bands etc

Detailed blogs are coming soon

In this blog we are making earring  and necklace box . So that  you can keep all earrings and chains separated and  these boxes give nice look to your dressing table also.
Things we needed
-Boxes of any sizes/plastic box
-colorful paper
-Empty matchstick boxes/muffin cups/bottle caps
-gift paper

Take any box of your choice, stick one colored paper from inside.
Now take matchstick boxes/muffins cups arrange them in box properly stick them to main box.

Decorate Box with gift paper, glitters etc. For hook  you can use buttons with loom band

Follow same procedure with other boxes using muffin cups or bottle caps.

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