Beautiful tassel garland

Hi everyone…Welcome to Antara’s Creativity section.  So you are  thinking of giving new look to your room, no need to go for shopping, this easy DIY room decor ideas will surely help you.  Involve your kids in these activities and  see the magic.  Satisfaction and happiness you experienced from these little things can’t be compared with ready made things. So here is second post by my daughter Antara, She has made  beautiful tassel garland for her room which can be used as room decor,birthday decor and in entrance too.

You will need:

  • Colored Papers /tissue paper/crepe paper
  • Scissor
  • Stapler
  • Wool/ribbon

To make a tassel first we need to cut strips of paper. Here I have used 2 colors you can use any colors or can be made in single color also. You can cut paper into very thin strips also but they should be in equal size and you are going to use a lot of paper for this craft. After you have the strips, you will have to take one strip and make a hoop, make a circle and staple it . Now with the other strips,you will make a bundle ( place back to back ) arranged it properly and staple it, continue this process till last strip.

To secure them together ,hold them carefully and fold the upper part of it, where all the paper meets is basically where you will fold it (it should be a small fold). Now staple it. Now after stapling the paper , staple it to the hoop that we made earlier. Now make a really tiny hole in the hoop to allow the ribbon to pass through. Make a few more tassels with different  colors and pass them through the ribbon and  here colorful paper tassel garland is ready.  It is super easy to make and is a very nice room decor idea.

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